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Hypnotherapy to Quit Smoking - 7 Tips to Quit Smoking

You might be aware of the consequences of nicotine addiction and other health problems smoking can cause. You may have some hidden fears about quitting smoking also. Fears like will you put on weight, how you will cope, what will your friends think of you, etc. But you should consider hypnotherapy to quit smoking. When a hypnosis session combined with your motivation, you can stop smoking easily.

Quit Smiking by Hypnosis

As a smoker, you must be concerned about how you will manage cigarette cravings once you become a non-smoker after a quit smoking hypnosis session. However, hypnotherapy can change your mindset and direct motivation to help you stop smoking. Here are a few practical things you can do along with hypnosis to quit smoking in order to beat those cravings:

1. Throw Away –

Throw away ashtrays, cigarettes, lighters and anything else reminding you of smoking. After all, you’ve become a non-smoker; you don’t need all these things.

2. Prepare a List –

Note down all the smart reasons why you need to stop smoking and carry it with you. Write down all the things you need to do instead of smoking and carry the list along with you.

3. Make a Plan –

Make a plan ahead of time for events you might be tempted to smoke like parties, workstation or get-together with family or friends. If you think these situations might be difficult for you, make a plan how you will cope with any temptation or cravings.

4. Drink Fruit Juice –

Just after a few days after quitting your smoking habit, the nicotine will leave your body and the blood-sugar level will drop, causing you irritation and restlessness. Drinking fresh fruit juice can help you keep your blood-sugar level maintained and stay hydrated.

5. Stay Busy –

After taking a quit smoking hypnosis, you should keep yourself busy in doing different things like going for a walk, reading books, checking emails, playing games or talking to your colleagues or friends.

6. Interact with Family and Friends –

Let your friends and family know that you’ve stopped smoking so that they will encourage you in every way. Try to be friendly and interact with your family and friends as much as possible.

7. Embrace the Change –

Embrace the change of being a non-smoker wholeheartedly. Think that, you are no longer a smoker from now on as you no longer smoke.



Conclusion –

These are all the useful tips you should follow in order to beat the cigarette cravings. However, you can take help from an award-winning hypnotherapist – DR. Alex Matos for quit smoking hypnosis. If you want to take hypnotherapy to quit smoking, please contact DR. Matos right away to schedule an appointment. You can feel free to stay connected with us on Facebook & Twitter social networks.

Hypnosis for Smoking Cessation – An Absolute Natural Way

You know smoking causes heart disease, lung cancer, and emphysema, but you still don’t mind to lighten up a cigarette or two daily. To help you get back on track, we have compiled a list of diseases that are caused or made worse by smoking. Hopefully, you will kick the habit of smoking after reading this stat.


  • •COPD: Approximately 25,000 people in the United Kingdom pass away every year from this severe lung disease. More than 8 in 10 of these deaths are linked directly to smoking. Individuals who pass away of COPD are generally quite unwell for many years before they demise.
  • Hindered blood circulation: The chemicals in cigarettes can harm the lining of your blood vessels & affect the lipids in the bloodstream. And this boosts the danger of atheroma formation (sometimes known as solidifying of the arteries). Atheroma is the prime cause of strokes, heart diseases, poor blood circulation in the legs & puffy arteries which can burst prompting internal bleeding. All these atheroma-associated ailments are more common among smokers.
  • Sexual issues: Smokers are more expected than nonsmokers to experience erection issues (impotence) or have problems in sustaining an erection in the middle phase of their life. This is presumed to be because of smoking associated injury of the blood vessels in the penis.
  • Aging: Regular smokers tend to build up more fine lines on their faces at a premature age than nonsmokers. This usually makes smokers look much older than they actually are.
  • Rheumatoid arthritis: You probably don’t know that smoking is notorious to be risk element for developing rheumatoid arthritis. A clinical research shows that smoking is accountable for approximately 1 in five cases of rheumatoid arthritis.


Hypnosis is the best natural alternative to quit smoking:

Well, the bad effects of smoking are actually never-ending and you must want to avoid them by quitting cigarette. It is actually never too late to quit smoking. There are various natural ways of quitting cigarette and hypnosis is certainly one of them. When you use hypnotherapy to quit smoking, you actually initiate suggestions that smoking is bad for your health, that isn’t something you wish to do & that any relation with smoking is to be ignored. During the process, the hypnotherapist will embed a thought in your brain telling you that smoking isn’t something that you’re keen in. He or she’ll strive to link this idea with anything that’s associated with smoking – cigarettes, smoke pipes, etc.


Hypnosis for Smoking Cessation is a wonderful natural way of quitting the habit and it can be best practiced when a reliable hypnotherapist guides you. Get ready to quit smoking in one easy hypnosis session with Dr. Alex Matos. Call us on 954-472-8852, 561-327-2027 for an appointment today!

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Quit Smoking with Hypnotherapy & Start a Healthy Lifestyle

Despite the most common risks come up with smoking, out of the total population around 17% adults in the United States are smokers. That implies about 40 million people in the USA smoke cigarettes regularly. However, smoking is considered as the leading cause of preventable disease and death in the United States. According to the research carried out by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, it’s been observed that over 16 million Americans are currently living with a smoking related disease.

When it comes to stop smoking, there are a lot of people who are skeptical of hypnosis. The main reason behind is that lots of illusions or myths surround hypnosis, but many don’t aware that hypnotherapy is based in and around biology and science.



Usually, depression and anxiety are quite common and extremely destructive aspects that affect people throughout their life. But hypnotherapy can be a strong weapon against the anxiety and depression.

Everyone feels insecure in all walks of life. Some people experience shortfalls in self-confidence; which is a very much intense factor when it comes to stop smoking. Hence, hypnosis for smoking cessation can help a person stride towards conquering their goal of quitting smoking habit as well as oppressive insecurities.



Conclusion –

It’s not that much easy to quit smoking. But hypnotherapy has shown a path to help with cessation of the habit. When thinking to stop smoking using hypnosis, the first thing you should do is to make sure that whether you are choosing to quit for yourself. After all, hypnosis for smoking cessation has been found to be effective when the affected person really wants to quit. Some people are able to quit smoking after one session, while others may need additional follow-up sessions. So, schedule an appointment for stop smoking hypnotherapy with Dr Alex Matos as soon as possible and quit smoking in one easy low-cost private session!

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How To Stop Smoking With Hypnotherapy? 3 Options To Consider

You’ve tried everything to kick your smoking habit – from pills to patches, lozenges to gums, and even oral medications – but nothing has helped. Quitting is so hard, that most of the times even the pharmaceutical tactic doesn’t work.

You must be wondering if or not there’s any other option for quitting. Fortunately, yes! Hypnosis is one of the most common yet effective non-pharmaceutical ways to stop smoking. The process is entirely safe as it don’t involve any chemical. Hypnosis addresses much more than just your bodily addiction, getting to the core of your emotional and mental dependence and reprogramming your whole experience concerning the act of smoking, leaving you a positive non-smoker, without all the nerve-racking habits & carvings related with most other quitting procedures.



There’re actually 3 options when it’s about stop smoking with hypnotherapy.

Opt with a local hypnotist at his or her office:

This is an excellent option for smokers who prefer a hands-on connection in a “doctor’s office” setting. If you are comfortable working & confiding in a private therapist and have no issue with allowing yourself let loose in front of another individual while hypnotized, this could be the option for you. Though the  One-on-one sessions don’t come cheap, but it worth the little extra investment when it comes to result.

A local group session may be what you are looking for?

Group hypnotherapy sessions are usually operated by a visiting hypnotist. Less expensive compared to a one-on-one session, with a group session the hypnotists will work with you alongside dozens or even more number of people concurrently. This method needs you to be exceedingly suggestible and extremely comfortable with allowing you relax in front of a large gathering, and because the whole group is there, they don’t tend to be very personal. If you are a type of person who’s comfortable with a large group of people, this method may work wonder for you.



An audio hypnosis program at home can be an alternative:

This could be a better alternative, if you don’t like to be hypnotized in front of a large crowd. An audio hypnosis program is absolutely private and it certainly eradicates the anxiety or nervousness of being in front of others. Anxiety is the #1 road block on the way to success with hypnotherapy, and at home audio hypnosis programs eliminate this concern completely. Above all, you can listen to the program as many times and as long as you want without any additional fees.

If you’re really committed to kick out your smoking habit, hypnosis is the answer. However, the secret lies in finding the best method that best fit your temperament or personality. Consult  Dr. Alex Matos and schedule an consultation to stop with smoking hypnosis.to understand more about your smoking Habits  and get into a simple, effective quick smoking hypnosis Session!

Quit Smiking by Hypnosis

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How Do You Quit Smoking with Hypnosis in Palm County?

Thousands have quit smoking with Dr. Alex’ revolutionary HYPNOSIS method and it requires only ONE private session. (an hour to and hour and a half)
Dr. Joseph Carrozza, M.D. says, “Dr. Matos’ hypnosis method is truly a breakthrough method of smoke ending.”


Quitting smoking is more a matter of correct thinking than painful use of sheer will power.
Via the principles of hypnosis, Dr. Matos will teach you the mental and physical factors which underlie permanent smoke ending.

Dr. Matos will deal with not only how to stop smoking, but more importantly, show you how to never start again!


– How to lose your desire to re-smoke
– How to conquer temptation
– How to be with smokers and not smoke

-How to maintain your present weight or even LOSE after quitting!
– How to help your family and friends “Kick the habit”

Some information about Dr. Alex

Dr. Alex Matos developed his method of Self Improvement utilizing Hypnosis over three decades ago and has successfully treated thousands.He is a licensed physician who is a graduate of Columbia Chiropractic College.

Dr. Alex is a member of the American Council of Mental Health and the American Council of Neurology.He is the president of the American Hypnotist’s Association and the former publisher of Scientific Hypnosis Magazine.

Dr. Alex is well known to the film and TV industry. His expertise was utilized by the TV series, Ryan’s Hope, and he was consultant for the Irving Wallace film, The Fan, starring Lauren Bacall, James Garner and Maureen Stapleton.

He hosted, directed and produced his own TV Health Show (36 episodes), which was aired on MCTV and WHT TV. (New York City)

While practicing in Manhattan’s Upper East Side, Dr. Alex made frequent appearances on the David Susskind and Joe Franklin late night TV Shows.

Alexander Matos is the author of the well known diet book, THE BIG APPLE DIET. (Celestial Arts Press)

In addition, articles about his work have appeared in local, national, and international periodicals including the New York Post, Harpers Bazaar, Fort Lauderdale Sun, TV World, The Advance, Women’s Life, Stern, The Star, and Cosmopolitan.



Dr. Matos has lectured extensively for various civic and philanthropic organizations such as Cancer Care, Women’s American ORT, and the Deborah Heart and Lung Association, from which he received their most coveted Heart of Gold Award.He was chosen as a judge for the Miss World Beauty Pageant.

Conclusion –

Want to stop smoking? Regardless of past conceptions, quit smoking with hypnosis in Palm County at Dr. ALEX MATOS clinic and very soon your mind will start to see smoking in a negative light for sure! Schedule an appointment with Dr. Alex Matos today and stop smoking in one session of hypnosis!

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How to Stop Smoking with Hypnosis in an Effective Way?

In many cases it is found that smoking has become an addiction or a bad habit. There are three basic reasons that drive every smoker to continue smoking, which are like:

    • Oral Gratification or appeasement- For the sake of having something in their mouth or a kind of addiction.

    • To Enjoy a Sensory Pleasure- Many people love to enjoy the smell, feel and taste of a cigarette in their mouth.

    • To Keep Up with Social Companionship- Most of the youngsters or corporate people in Florida and all over the world fall into the trap of portraying as cool dudes or top class professionals and become smokers.

Smoking and Hypnosis:

Once the smoking becomes a bad habit and is established, then people can not stop smoking, which results in affecting their health. It is important to take into consideration the psychological and behavioral aspects of the smoking habit, which is effective for making a person to quit smoking. In this case, you can rely on hypnosis or hypnotherapy, which will increase your motivational desire to quit.

One of the easiest drug free ways- hypnosis to stop smoking is an effective approach that gets to the root of your subconscious mind to break the process of enjoying the pleasures and triggers of smoking. It is not wise to smoke your life away. You must understand that giving up smoking will not only boost your own wellness, but also will improve the wellness of family members and friends.

Every smoker should understand that your near and dear ones are also exposed to secondhand smoke, which is harmful for them. Most of the people also think that a cigar or cigarette triggers the sensation of peace of mind in a stressful situation, which is not true. In a hypnotherapy session, an experienced and licensed physician or chiropractor will increase your motivational desires that will offer the best results.

Quit Smoking with Dr. Alex:

Licensed physician in Florida, Dr. Alex will help you quit smoking in one easy session, where you will understand and learn how to stop smoking permanently, how to conquer temptation, how to lose the desire to start smoking again, how to be among the smokers and not smoke, and more. For sure this will help in kicking up the butt or stop smoking.

You can rely on Dr. Alex Matos to stop smoking with hypnosis and enjoy the best results. Call us today at (54) 472-8852/ (562) 327-2027 to schedule an appointment!

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