How Do You Quit Smoking with Hypnosis in Palm County?

Thousands have quit smoking with Dr. Alex’ revolutionary HYPNOSIS method and it requires only ONE private session. (an hour to and hour and a half)
Dr. Joseph Carrozza, M.D. says, “Dr. Matos’ hypnosis method is truly a breakthrough method of smoke ending.”


Quitting smoking is more a matter of correct thinking than painful use of sheer will power.
Via the principles of hypnosis, Dr. Matos will teach you the mental and physical factors which underlie permanent smoke ending.

Dr. Matos will deal with not only how to stop smoking, but more importantly, show you how to never start again!


– How to lose your desire to re-smoke
– How to conquer temptation
– How to be with smokers and not smoke

-How to maintain your present weight or even LOSE after quitting!
– How to help your family and friends “Kick the habit”

Some information about Dr. Alex

Dr. Alex Matos developed his method of Self Improvement utilizing Hypnosis over three decades ago and has successfully treated thousands.He is a licensed physician who is a graduate of Columbia Chiropractic College.

Dr. Alex is a member of the American Council of Mental Health and the American Council of Neurology.He is the president of the American Hypnotist’s Association and the former publisher of Scientific Hypnosis Magazine.

Dr. Alex is well known to the film and TV industry. His expertise was utilized by the TV series, Ryan’s Hope, and he was consultant for the Irving Wallace film, The Fan, starring Lauren Bacall, James Garner and Maureen Stapleton.

He hosted, directed and produced his own TV Health Show (36 episodes), which was aired on MCTV and WHT TV. (New York City)

While practicing in Manhattan’s Upper East Side, Dr. Alex made frequent appearances on the David Susskind and Joe Franklin late night TV Shows.

Alexander Matos is the author of the well known diet book, THE BIG APPLE DIET. (Celestial Arts Press)

In addition, articles about his work have appeared in local, national, and international periodicals including the New York Post, Harpers Bazaar, Fort Lauderdale Sun, TV World, The Advance, Women’s Life, Stern, The Star, and Cosmopolitan.



Dr. Matos has lectured extensively for various civic and philanthropic organizations such as Cancer Care, Women’s American ORT, and the Deborah Heart and Lung Association, from which he received their most coveted Heart of Gold Award.He was chosen as a judge for the Miss World Beauty Pageant.

Conclusion –

Want to stop smoking? Regardless of past conceptions, quit smoking with hypnosis in Palm County at Dr. ALEX MATOS clinic and very soon your mind will start to see smoking in a negative light for sure! Schedule an appointment with Dr. Alex Matos today and stop smoking in one session of hypnosis!

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