Hypnotherapy to Quit Smoking - 7 Tips to Quit Smoking

You might be aware of the consequences of nicotine addiction and other health problems smoking can cause. You may have some hidden fears about quitting smoking also. Fears like will you put on weight, how you will cope, what will your friends think of you, etc. But you should consider hypnotherapy to quit smoking. When a hypnosis session combined with your motivation, you can stop smoking easily.

Quit Smiking by Hypnosis

As a smoker, you must be concerned about how you will manage cigarette cravings once you become a non-smoker after a quit smoking hypnosis session. However, hypnotherapy can change your mindset and direct motivation to help you stop smoking. Here are a few practical things you can do along with hypnosis to quit smoking in order to beat those cravings:

1. Throw Away –

Throw away ashtrays, cigarettes, lighters and anything else reminding you of smoking. After all, you’ve become a non-smoker; you don’t need all these things.

2. Prepare a List –

Note down all the smart reasons why you need to stop smoking and carry it with you. Write down all the things you need to do instead of smoking and carry the list along with you.

3. Make a Plan –

Make a plan ahead of time for events you might be tempted to smoke like parties, workstation or get-together with family or friends. If you think these situations might be difficult for you, make a plan how you will cope with any temptation or cravings.

4. Drink Fruit Juice –

Just after a few days after quitting your smoking habit, the nicotine will leave your body and the blood-sugar level will drop, causing you irritation and restlessness. Drinking fresh fruit juice can help you keep your blood-sugar level maintained and stay hydrated.

5. Stay Busy –

After taking a quit smoking hypnosis, you should keep yourself busy in doing different things like going for a walk, reading books, checking emails, playing games or talking to your colleagues or friends.

6. Interact with Family and Friends –

Let your friends and family know that you’ve stopped smoking so that they will encourage you in every way. Try to be friendly and interact with your family and friends as much as possible.

7. Embrace the Change –

Embrace the change of being a non-smoker wholeheartedly. Think that, you are no longer a smoker from now on as you no longer smoke.



Conclusion –

These are all the useful tips you should follow in order to beat the cigarette cravings. However, you can take help from an award-winning hypnotherapist – DR. Alex Matos for quit smoking hypnosis. If you want to take hypnotherapy to quit smoking, please contact DR. Matos right away to schedule an appointment. You can feel free to stay connected with us on Facebook & Twitter social networks.


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