How To Stop Smoking With Hypnotherapy? 3 Options To Consider

You’ve tried everything to kick your smoking habit – from pills to patches, lozenges to gums, and even oral medications – but nothing has helped. Quitting is so hard, that most of the times even the pharmaceutical tactic doesn’t work.

You must be wondering if or not there’s any other option for quitting. Fortunately, yes! Hypnosis is one of the most common yet effective non-pharmaceutical ways to stop smoking. The process is entirely safe as it don’t involve any chemical. Hypnosis addresses much more than just your bodily addiction, getting to the core of your emotional and mental dependence and reprogramming your whole experience concerning the act of smoking, leaving you a positive non-smoker, without all the nerve-racking habits & carvings related with most other quitting procedures.



There’re actually 3 options when it’s about stop smoking with hypnotherapy.

Opt with a local hypnotist at his or her office:

This is an excellent option for smokers who prefer a hands-on connection in a “doctor’s office” setting. If you are comfortable working & confiding in a private therapist and have no issue with allowing yourself let loose in front of another individual while hypnotized, this could be the option for you. Though the  One-on-one sessions don’t come cheap, but it worth the little extra investment when it comes to result.

A local group session may be what you are looking for?

Group hypnotherapy sessions are usually operated by a visiting hypnotist. Less expensive compared to a one-on-one session, with a group session the hypnotists will work with you alongside dozens or even more number of people concurrently. This method needs you to be exceedingly suggestible and extremely comfortable with allowing you relax in front of a large gathering, and because the whole group is there, they don’t tend to be very personal. If you are a type of person who’s comfortable with a large group of people, this method may work wonder for you.



An audio hypnosis program at home can be an alternative:

This could be a better alternative, if you don’t like to be hypnotized in front of a large crowd. An audio hypnosis program is absolutely private and it certainly eradicates the anxiety or nervousness of being in front of others. Anxiety is the #1 road block on the way to success with hypnotherapy, and at home audio hypnosis programs eliminate this concern completely. Above all, you can listen to the program as many times and as long as you want without any additional fees.

If you’re really committed to kick out your smoking habit, hypnosis is the answer. However, the secret lies in finding the best method that best fit your temperament or personality. Consult  Dr. Alex Matos and schedule an consultation to stop with smoking hypnosis.to understand more about your smoking Habits  and get into a simple, effective quick smoking hypnosis Session!

Quit Smiking by Hypnosis

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