Is Hypnosis A Useful Aid To Quit Smoking?

What Is Hypnosis: –

Simply, hypnosis is a relaxed daydream condition in which a person remains fully aware of the surroundings and in charge of his/her actions. Many experts have a strong belief that a normal human being enters hypnosis as much as 80% in a day. The whole process is as natural as breathing and is just a profound deep relaxing state. In fact, 15 minutes of hypnosis can be equaled to a restful hour of sleep.

What Is Hypnotherapy: –

In short and simple word, hypnotherapy is the practice of working with the subconscious mind while a person is being relaxed. Well-known as a dynamic therapy, it is appropriate for resolving many problems. In a case like smoking, hypnotherapy can be very effective in just a few sessions.

How Does It Stand Out an Aid To Quit Smoking: –

One popular ways to quite smoking is with hypnotherapy or hypnosis. Hypnosis to quit smoking can be supposed to help people stop by either weakening their desire to smoke, motivating their will power to quit or both. Though hypnosis is an altered state of consciousness, suggestions recommended when a person in this state may affect the mind that are not directly accessible.

The clear evidence for the effectiveness of hypnosis to quit smoking is a bit mixed. Some studies shows a strong effective whereas others show none at all, suggesting that the success of this procedure may be highly dependent on the approach or skill of the practitioner.

Why Choosing Hypnosis To Quit Smoking Makes Sense: –

Hypnosis can be a successful therapy and is used in conjunction with other treatments for such conditions like depression, stress, anxiety and pain. However, this treatment does involve the use of any medications; which might appeal to smokers who are not interested in using drugs or nicotine replacement products. Remember the fact that hypnotherapy is not that dangerous and the hypnotist can not make you do something you do not want to do.

Quit Smoking With Hypnosis: –

At the end, it is clear that hypnotic treatment can be the easiest cure among many ways to stop smoking. Though your conscious mind or will power is relatively weak, but your subconscious mind is strong. Once the subconscious mind has set a certain course of action, it rarely lets you stray from it. Through hypnosis process, you can trap into the power of your subconscious mind and convince it that you no longer smoke. When you have done this, you will surely become a non smoker.

Conclusion: –

Hence, it is highly suggested to quit smoking in one session of hypnosis with Dr. Alex Matos.  Schedule an appointment with Dr Matos to quit smoking with hypnosis or call him for a free consultation!

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